Mobile test vans for cathodic corrosion protection

Buried pipelines can be protected from corrosion by passive methods (insulation) or active methods – electrochemical protection. The active method is accomplished by applying a protective current to the pipe.

Our test vans comprise a wide range of features for Cathodic Corrosion protection of pipelines, as pipe location and depth measurement, measurement of the insulation and pinpointing of faults, survey of the Cathodic Corrosion protection and drainage systems.

For an individual offer in accordance with your specific requirements, please, contact us.

Example: Mobile laboratory for Cathodic Corrosion Protection on the basis of “Kamaz”

Проверка электрохимзащиты (ЭХЗ)


Комплект CorMobil

CorMobil Mobile measurement of voltage, current and resistance of the pipe insulation, device in a dust-proof and water-proof housing.

Комплект CorTrac

CorTrac Integral evaluation of the pipe insulation, including pipe location and pinpointing of faults.

Комплект corCheck

corCheck Checking the intactness of the insulation after the repair

Прибор для определения удельного сопротивления грунта

Earth tester with measurement of soil resistivity

Комплект corMobil

corMoni Storage and analysis of measurements


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