Cable identification system KSG 100 T

Cable fault location with the BAUR KSG 100 T

The KSG 100 T cable identification system is a modern high-tech device for identifying single and multi-conductor cables from a cable bundle or cable loom. The KSG 100 T (top version) cable identification system is based on the functionality of the KSG 100 and upgrades it with the following additional function:
– Galvanic coupling under voltage max. 400 V, 50/60 Hz

The KSG 100 T consists of transmitter and receiver with flex coupler
(Rogowski coil). Both devices are equipped with microcontrollers and can thus communicate with each other.

  • Cable identification of single and multi-core cables and lines
  • Safest signal detection using digital 3 factor analysis (Amplitude-Time-Phase ATP)
  • Cable identification even in live cables up to 400 V operating voltage using galvanic coupling possible (KSG 100 T)
  • Error-free direction detection even at high loop resistance up to max. 400 ohm


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